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Have you ever sat down and added up how much you are really paying for your truck repairs and servicing? I am talking, over the year.

How many trips to and from your current repairer’s premises? How much does it cost for you to drive the vehicle to the workshop, including fuel and the employee following you to pick you up? Their hourly rate and fuel for the other vehicle?

Also, while they are dropping you off, other work is not being done at your workplace?

If you add this up over a year I am sure you will be shocked to see the true cost of your servicing and repairs. Not to mention the high hourly rate you are paying for a T/A or 1st-year apprentice to service and repair your vehicle by the bigger companies to maximise their profits. Do you really know who is repairing your vehicle behind closed doors?

If you have a fleet and take all these figures into account I am sure it will amount to a huge percentage of your profits. We can assist you in saving these costs when you use our mobile servicing.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you improve your productivity, and bring down your costs.

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Truck Specialist Fully Insured Licensed Repairer Souths Mechanical is a family owned business providing quick and reliable on-site service. Volvo and European Truck Specialist. Full Diagnostics. Experienced Mack and Diesel Mechanic.