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Using the latest in diagnostic software and our own extensive experience in this field, allows us to keep moving with the times and provide excellent coverage for all makes and models. As well as being able to plug into earlier truck models.

This gives our customers with a mixed fleet, the advantage of having all their fleet scanned by the same technician on the same day. No more finishing the job and then taking it to the main dealer to have that code cleared, or component reprogrammed. We can do it all, in one go, and finish the job from start to finish.

Here are a few of the most common tasks we undertake for our customers without a laptop:

Compression tests, Cylinder Balancing, Air-Drier Resets, Clutch Wear Check, Gearbox Calibrations, Injector Trim Codes, Brake Pad Testing and Reset, Suspension Calibrations, Wiring Diagrams, and DPF Burns.

Including Live Data and road testing vehicles in the exact conditions, they are experiencing faults. We can monitor live boost pressure, fuel pressure, oil pressure up to 50 live parameters on some models, to get live data and pinpoint the fault quicker. This is more cost effective for the customer by removing the guesswork and unnecessary parts being fitted. We are also able to plug into ABS/EBS equipped trailers.

These are just a few of the tests and calibrations we can undertake. There are too many to mention.

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Truck Specialist Fully Insured Licensed Repairer Souths Mechanical is a family owned business providing quick and reliable on-site service. Volvo and European Truck Specialist. Full Diagnostics. Experienced Mack and Diesel Mechanic.